Purchasing Through a Distributor

PDQ Manufacturing, Inc sells equipment, enhancements and parts through a worldwide distributor network and has aligned itself with the finest independent distributors. Stop at any PDQ Distributor and you'll find knowledgeable, courteous professionals ready to help you purchase your wash system. Your distributor will help you choose the right system, discuss your financing options, and tell you about any special offers.

Click on a country, province, or state below to discover the local distributors in your area. Use the "+/-" at the top right of the map, your mousewheel, or pinch-to-zoom to navigate to smaller countries and states.

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Your distributor relationship doesn't end once your wash system is installed. They also provide genuine PDQ equipment and parts, factory certified technical service, and can assist in maximizing your wash and revenue potential including:

  • Site analysis and preparation
  • Permit and ordinance assistance
  • General contractor and construction assistance
  • Financial consultation
  • Complete installation services
  • Operator, sales, and service training
  • Marketing support
  • Imaging and sign consultation
  • Radio dispatched technicians
  • Planned Maintenance programs
  • Recommended Touch-Free wash solutions sales and delivery
  • Wash system monitoring
  • Location reporting
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Ongoing site performance inspections

* Specific distributor services offered may vary.